Thursday, 26 May 2011

BODY MAGIC - Free Walking Videos

Body Magic is the exercise part of slimming world. The first step is 15 mins 3 times a week ( it must be 3 separate times - not 45 mins at once - and something that you don't normally do). Even if its walking round the block, getting off the bus one stop earlier, playing on the wii fit or doing a bit of an exercise dvd. you must continue this for 4 weeks and then you have achieved the bronze standard of Body Magic :)

For the first four weeks i'm going to focus on walking and also do the following free exercise videos on youtube. They are light walking that i find not too vigorous and you end up walking 1 miles in 10 minutes without realising it (no space needed its all on the spot)This is the one i have tried so far that i can recommend:

at the link here if you want it bigger 1 mile 13 mins

here are some others all on youtube

Part 2

fast five minute walk (deskside fitness)

3 Minute Mini Walk (deskside fitness)

2 Minute Mini Walk (deskside fitness)

Walk away the pounds for abs 2 mile


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