Thursday, 26 May 2011

Mug Shots - Handy Low Syn/Free Snacks

Product / Syns:  Extra Easy    Original    Green

Mug Shot, Pasta Snack, Cheese 'n' Ham, dried, 66g sachet  3½    13    3½

Mug Shot, Noodle Snack, Chicken, dried, 54g sachet     Free    11½    Free

Mug Shot, Noodle Snack, Spicy Sweet 'n' Sour, dried, 67g sachet     Free    10    Free

Mug Shot, Pasta Snack, Chicken 'n' Vegetable, dried, 60g sachet     2    12½    2

Mug Shot, Noodle Snack, Chow Mein, dried, 55g sachet     Free    9½    Free

Mug Shot, Couscous Snack, Tomato & Roast Vegetable, dried, 70g sachet     1    12    1

Mug Shot, Couscous Snack, Chicken & Mushroom, dried, 70g sachet     2    13½    2

Mug Shot, Pasta Snack, Roast Chicken, dried, 55g sachet     Free    10    Free

Mug Shot, Noodle Snack, Thai Style, dried, 55g sachet     ½    10½    ½

Mug Shot, Pasta Snack, Minestrone, dried, 60g sachet     Free    11    Free

Mug Shot, Pasta Snack, Tomato 'n' Herb, dried, 64g sachet     Free    12    Free

Mug Shot, Pasta Snack, Creamy Cheese, dried, 68g sachet     2    13    2

Mug Shot, Pasta Snack, Chicken 'n' Mushroom, dried, 66g sachet     2    14    2


  1. Hi there, I have just picked up a packed of Chinese Styles mug shots for lunch and woundered if they were free syns on EE?

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